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» Accounts

Endpoint Description
POST accounts/getbyusername

No documentation available.

GET accounts/{accountId}

Gets an account.

GET accounts/{userId}

Gets an account.

GET accounts/getaccountdetailsbyrolename/{roleName}

This method will get the account details by Role Name

GET accounts

Gets a list of accounts.

POST accounts

Creates a new account.

PUT accounts/{accountId}

Updates an existing account.

DELETE accounts/{accountId}

Deletes an existing account.

POST accounts/enabledisable/{accountId}

This method will disable the store admin account

POST accounts/login

Logs in an existing user.

POST accounts/resetpassword

Resets the password for an existing user.

POST accounts/changepassword

Changes the password of an existing user.

POST accounts/checkresetpasswordlinkstatus

Checks Reset Password Link status.

POST accounts/checkuserrole

Check for the user role based on role name.

POST accounts/isaddressvalid

No documentation available.

POST accounts/createadminaccount

Creates a new account.

POST accounts/resetadmindetails

Method used to Reset Admin Details in case of first default admin.

PUT accounts/updatecustomeraccount/{accountId}

Updates an existing customer Account Details.

POST accounts/createcustomeraccount

No documentation available.

POST accounts/sendemail

To send email

GET getaccountpaymentlist/{accountId}

Get the list of Account Payments

POST createaccountpayment

Creates a new AccountPayment.

POST accounts/getrolepermissionbyusername

No documentation available.

POST accounts/getrolemenulistbyusername

No documentation available.

GET isroleexistforprofile/{porfileId}/{roleName}

No documentation available.

POST accounts/signupfornewsletter

No documentation available.

POST accounts/socialuserlogin

No documentation available.

POST accounts/socialusercreateorupdateaccount

No documentation available.

GET accounts/getregisteredsocialclientdetailslist

No documentation available.

POST vendoraccounts

Create New Vendor Account.

PUT vendoraccount/{accountId}

Updates an existing Account.

POST franchiseadmin

Create Franchise Account.

» AccountProfile

Endpoint Description
GET accountprofile/accountassociatedprofiles/{accountId}/{profileIds}

Get Profiles Associated with Account

DELETE accountprofile/{accountProfileId}

Deletes an existing Account Profile.

» Addresses

Endpoint Description
GET addresses/{addressId}

Gets an address.

GET addresses

Gets a list of addresses.

POST addresses

Creates a new address.

PUT addresses/{addressId}

Updates an existing address.

PUT updatedefaultaddress/{addressId}

No documentation available.

DELETE addresses/{addressId}

Deletes an existing address.

POST updatecustomeraddress/{accountId}

No documentation available.

» AffiliateTracking

Endpoint Description
GET affiliatetracking

Gets the affiliate tracking data.

» AttributeTypes

Endpoint Description
GET attributetypes/{attributeTypeId}

Gets an attribute type.

GET attributetypes

Gets a list of attribute types.

POST attributetypes

Creates a new attribute type.

PUT attributetypes/{attributeTypeId}

Updates an existing attribute type.

DELETE attributetypes/{attributeTypeId}

Deletes an existing attribute type.

GET attributetypesbycatalogid/{catalogId}

Gets an attribute type based on CatalogId.

» ApplicationSetting

Endpoint Description
GET applicationsetting

No documentation available.

GET applicationsetting/{entityType}/{entityName}

No documentation available.

POST applicationsetting

No documentation available.

» Audits

Endpoint Description
GET audits/{auditId}

Gets an audit record.

GET audits

Gets a list of audit records.

PUT audits/{auditId}

Updates an existing audit record.

DELETE audits/{auditId}

Deletes an existing audit record.

» AddOn

Endpoint Description
GET addons/{addOnId}

Get a Add-On.

GET addons

Gets a list of Add-On.

POST addons

Creates a new Add-On.

PUT addons/{addOnId}

Updates an existing Add-On.

DELETE addons/{addOnId}

Deletes an existing Add-On.

» AddOnValue

Endpoint Description
GET addonvalues/{addOnValueId}

Get a Add-OnValue.

GET addonValues

Get list of AddOn Values

POST addonvalues

Creates a new Add-OnValues.

PUT addonvalues/{addOnValueId}

Updates an existing Add-OnValue.

DELETE addonvalues/{addOnValueId}

Deletes an existing Add-OnValue.

» CaseRequests

Endpoint Description
GET caserequests/{caseRequestId}

Gets a case request.

GET caserequests

Gets a list of case requests.

POST caserequests

Creates a new case request.

PUT caserequests/{caseRequestId}

Updates an existing case request.

DELETE caserequests/{caseRequestId}

Deletes an existing case request.

GET getcasestatusrequests

To get Case Status List

GET getcaseprioritylist

to get Case Priority List

GET getcasenotelist

to get CaseRequestList

POST caserequests/createcasenote

To add Case Note

» Catalogs

Endpoint Description
GET catalogs/{catalogId}

Gets a catalog.

GET catalogs

Gets a list of catalogs.

GET catalogs/{catalogIds}

Gets a list of catalogs for the specified catalog IDs.

POST catalogs

Creates a new catalog.

PUT catalogs/{catalogId}

Updates an existing catalog.

DELETE catalogs/{catalogId}

Deletes an existing catalog.

POST copycatalog

Copies an existing catalog.

DELETE catalogs/{catalogId}/{preserveCategories}

Deletes an existing catalog.

GET getcatalogsbyportalid/{portalId}

No documentation available.

» Categories

Endpoint Description
GET categories/{categoryId}

Gets a category.

GET categories

Gets a list of categories.

POST categories/listbycategoryids

No documentation available.

GET categories/catalog/{catalogId}

Gets a list of categories for a specific catalog.

GET categories/catalog/{catalogIds}

Gets a list of products for the specified external IDs.

POST categories

Creates a new category.

PUT categories/{categoryId}

Updates an existing category.

PUT categories/updatecategoryseodetails/{categoryId}

No documentation available.

GET categories/getcategoriesbycatalogid/{catalogId}?totalRowCount={totalRowCount}

Gets categories by catalog Id.

GET categories/getcategorytree

No documentation available.

GET categories/getallcategories

Gets all categories.

DELETE categories/{categoryId}

Deletes an existing profile by profile Id.

GET categories/categoryassociatedproducts/{categoryId}/{productIds}

Get Products Associated with category

GET getcategoryassociatedproducts

No documentation available.

GET producttypeattributs/{productTypeAttributId}?categoryId={categoryId}

Gets a category.

» CategoryProfile

Endpoint Description
GET categoryprofile/getcategoryprofilesbycategoryprofileid/{categoryProfileId}

Gets category profiles by category profile id.

GET categoryprofile/getcategoryprofilesbycategoryid/{categoryId}

Gets category profiles by category id.

POST categoryprofile

Creates a new category profile.

PUT categoryprofile/{categoryProfileId}

Updates an existing manufacturer.

DELETE categoryprofile/{categoryProfileId}

Deletes an existing manufacturer.

» CategoryNodes

Endpoint Description
GET categorynodes/{categoryNodeId}

Gets a category node.

GET categorynodes

Gets a list of category nodes.

POST categorynodes

Creates a new category node.

PUT categorynodes/{categoryNodeId}

Updates an existing category node.

DELETE categorynodes/{categoryNodeId}

Deletes an existing category node.

DELETE categorynodes/deleteassociatedcategorynode/{categoryNodeId}

Deletes an existing category node.

GET getparentcategorylist/{catalogId}

Gets a list of parent category nodes.

POST breadcrumb

No documentation available.

» ContentPage

Endpoint Description
GET contentpages

Gets a list of ContentPage.

GET contentpages/{contentPageId}

Gets a Content page.

POST contentpages

Creates a new Content Page.

POST copycontentpage

Copies a Content Page.

POST addpage

Adds a Content Page.

DELETE contentpages/{contentPageId}

Deletes an existing Content Page.

PUT contentpages/{contentPageId}

Updates an existing Content page.

GET contentpage/getcontentpagebyname/{contentPageName}/{extension}

No documentation available.

» ContentPageRevision

Endpoint Description
GET contentpagerevisions

Gets a list of content page revisions.

POST contentpagerevisions/{revisionId}

Revert the revision to the previous version.

GET contentpagerevisions/{contentPageId}

Gets a list of content page revisions.

GET contentpagerevisions/getcontentpagerevisionbyid/{contentPageId}?totalRowCount={totalRowCount}

No documentation available.

» Countries

Endpoint Description
GET countries/{countryCode}

Gets a country.

GET countries

Gets a list of countries.

GET countries/getactivecountrybyportalid/{portalId}/{billingShippingFlag}

No documentation available.

GET countries/getcountrybyportalid/{portalId}

This function used to Get all countries for portalId.

POST countries

Creates a new country.

PUT countries/{countryCode}

Updates an existing country.

DELETE countries/{countryCode}

Deletes an existing country.

GET countries/GetShippingActiveCountryByPortalId/{portalId}

No documentation available.

» CurrencyType

Endpoint Description
GET currencytypes

Gets a list of CurrencyType.

GET currencytype/{currencyTypeId}

Gets a Currency type.

PUT currencytype/{currencyTypeId}

Updates an existing Currency Type.

» Customer

Endpoint Description
GET customer

To Get Customer account List.

GET customer/{accountId}

To Get Customer Affiliate List.

GET getreferralcommissiontypelist

To Get Referral Commission Type List.

GET getreferralcommissionlist/{accountId}

To Get Referral Commission List.

» CustomerBasedPricing

Endpoint Description
GET customers/getcustomerpricingproduct/{accountId}

To Get all the Product Associated Facets.

GET products/getCustomerpricing/{productId}

To Get all the Product Associated Facets.

» ClearCache

Endpoint Description
GET clearcache/clearapicache

No documentation available.


Endpoint Description
GET getcss/{cssId}

No documentation available.

GET csslist

Gets a list of CSS.

POST createcss

No documentation available.

PUT updatecss/{cssId}

No documentation available.

DELETE deletecss/{cssId}

No documentation available.

» ConfigurationReader

Endpoint Description
GET configurationreader/{itemName}

Get dynamic grid configuration XML

» Dashboard

Endpoint Description
GET dashboard/getdashboarditemsbyportalid/{portalId}

Get the Dashboard items by portal id.

» Diagnostics

Endpoint Description
GET diagnostics/checkemailaccount

No documentation available.

GET diagnostics/getproductversiondetails

No documentation available.

POST diagnostics/emaildiagnostics

No documentation available.

» Domains

Endpoint Description
GET domains/{domainId}

Gets a domain.

GET domains

Gets a list of domains.

POST domains

Creates a new domain.

PUT domains/{domainId}

Updates an existing domain.

DELETE domains/{domainId}

Deletes an existing domain.

» EmailTemplates

Endpoint Description
GET emailtemplates

No documentation available.

POST emailtemplates

No documentation available.

GET emailtemplates/{templateName}/{extension}

No documentation available.

PUT updateemailtemplates

No documentation available.

DELETE emailtemplate/{templateName}/{extension}

No documentation available.

GET deletedemailtemplates

No documentation available.

» EnvironmentConfig

Endpoint Description
GET environmentconfig

Gets the EnvironmentConfig Settings.

» FacetGroups

Endpoint Description
GET facet

To Get Facet List.

GET facet/{facetId}

Gets the facet group.

POST facet

Creates a new facet.

PUT facet/{facetId}

Updates an existing facet.

DELETE facet/{facetId}

Deletes an existing facet.

GET facetgroups/{facetGroupId}

Gets the facet group.

GET facetgroups

Gets a list of Facet groups.

POST facetgroups

Creates a new facet group.

PUT facetgroups/{facetGroupId}

Updates an existing facet group.

DELETE facetgroups/{facetGroupId}

Deletes an existing facet group.

GET facetcontroltypes

Get List of Facet Group Control Types.

POST facetgroupcategory

Creates a new facet group category.

DELETE facetgroupcategory/{facetGroupId}

Deletes an existing facet group.

» GiftCards

Endpoint Description
GET giftcards/{giftCardId}

Gets a gift card.

GET giftcards

Gets a list of gift cards.

POST giftcards

Creates a new gift card.

PUT giftcards/{giftCardId}

Updates an existing gift card.

DELETE giftcards/{giftCardId}

Deletes an existing gift card.

GET giftcardnumber

Znode Version 8.0 This method will generate a new GiftCard Number

GET giftcardnumber/{giftCard}/{accountId}

No documentation available.

» GoogleSiteMap

Endpoint Description
POST googlesitemap

Generates an XML file

» Highlights

Endpoint Description
GET highlights/{highlightId}

Gets a highlight.

GET highlights

Gets a list of highlights.

POST highlights

Creates a new highlight.

PUT highlights/{highlightId}

Updates an existing highlight.

DELETE highlights/{highlightId}

Deletes an existing highlight.

GET highlights/checkassociatedproduct/{highlightId}

Checks the associated product with highlight

» HighlightTypes

Endpoint Description
GET highlighttypes/{highlightTypeId}

Gets a highlight type.

GET highlighttypes

Gets a list of highlight types.

POST highlighttypes

Creates a new highlight type.

PUT highlighttypes/{highlightTypeId}

Updates an existing highlight type.

DELETE highlighttypes/{highlightTypeId}

Deletes an existing highlight type.

» Inventory

Endpoint Description
GET inventory/{inventoryId}

Gets an inventory item.

GET inventory

Gets a list of inventory items.

POST inventory

Creates a new inventory item.

PUT inventory/{inventoryId}

Updates an existing inventory item.

DELETE inventory/{inventoryId}

Deletes an existing inventory item.

» ImportExport

Endpoint Description
POST exports

Get the Exports Details.

POST imports

No documentation available.

GET imports/{type}

No documentation available.

» Locale

Endpoint Description
GET locales

Gets a list of Locales.

» Manufacturers

Endpoint Description
GET manufacturers/{manufacturerId}

Gets a manufacturer.

GET manufacturers

Gets a list of manufacturers.

POST manufacturers

Creates a new manufacturer.

PUT manufacturers/{manufacturerId}

Updates an existing manufacturer.

DELETE manufacturers/{manufacturerId}

Deletes an existing manufacturer.

» MasterPage

Endpoint Description
GET masterpages

Gets a list of Master Page.

GET masterpages/getmasterpagebythemeid/{themeId}/{pageType}

Gets a list of Master Page.

» MessageConfigs

Endpoint Description
GET messageconfigs/{messageConfigId}

Gets a message config.

GET messageconfigs

Gets a list of message configs.

GET messageconfigs/keys/{keys}

Gets a list of message configs for the specified keys.

GET messageconfigs/key/{key}

Gets a message config.

POST messageconfigs

Creates a new message config.

PUT messageconfigs/{messageConfigId}

Updates an existing message config.

DELETE messageconfigs/{messageConfigId}

Deletes an existing message config.

» ManageSearchIndex

Endpoint Description
GET managesearchindex

Gets a list of Lucene Index server status.

GET managesearchindex/{indexId}

Get Index Server status details

POST managesearchindex

Create Lucene Index

PUT managesearchindex/{id}

Update Trigger mode Enabled/Disabled

PUT managesearchindex/serviceflag/{serviceflag}

Enable/Disable Lucene windows service

» Orders

Endpoint Description
GET getorderdetails

Gets Order details from database using stored procedure.

GET order/getorderlist

Gets Order list from database using stored procedure.

GET orders/{orderId}

Gets an order.

GET orders

Gets a list of orders.

POST orders

Creates a new order.

PUT orders/{orderId}

Updates an existing order.

PUT updateorderstatus/{orderId}

Updates an existing order status.

PUT voidpayment/{orderId}

Updates an existing order with void payment.

PUT refundpayment/{orderId}

Updates an existing order with refund payment.

GET downloadorder

Downloads the order data.

GET downloadorderlineitemdata

Downloads the order line item data.

GET sendemail

No documentation available.

POST addnewcustomer

No documentation available.

GET updateorderpaymentstatus/{orderId}/{paymentStatus}

No documentation available.

GET getorderlineitems/{orderLineItemId}

No documentation available.

PUT updateorderlineitemstatus/{orderLineItemId}

No documentation available.

» OrderState

Endpoint Description
GET orderstates

Gets the Order state List.

» Reorder

Endpoint Description
GET reorder/{orderId}

Znode Version 7.2.2 Get items of order. this function help to place complite order as reorder

» ReorderOrderLineItem

Endpoint Description
GET reorderorderlineitem/{orderLineItemIds}

No documentation available.

» PaymentGateways

Endpoint Description
GET paymentgateways/{paymentGatewayId}

Gets a payment gateway.

GET paymentgateways

Gets a list of payment gateways.

POST paymentgateways

Creates a new payment gateway.

PUT paymentgateways/{paymentGatewayId}

Updates an existing payment gateway.

DELETE paymentgateways/{paymentGatewayId}

Deletes an existing payment gateway.

» PaymentOptions

Endpoint Description
GET paymentoptions/{paymentOptionId}

Gets a payment option.

GET paymentoptions

Gets a list of payment options.

POST paymentoptions

Creates a new payment option.

PUT paymentoptions/{paymentOptionId}

Updates an existing payment option.

DELETE paymentoptions/{paymentOptionId}

Deletes an existing payment option.

» PaymentTypes

Endpoint Description
GET paymenttypes/{paymentTypeId}

Gets a payment type.

GET paymenttypes

Gets a list of payment types.

POST paymenttypes

Creates a new payment type.

PUT paymenttypes/{paymentTypeId}

Updates an existing payment type.

DELETE paymenttypes/{paymentTypeId}

Deletes an existing payment type.

» Permissions

Endpoint Description
GET permissions/getrolesandperminssions/{accountId}

This method will fetch the data for Roles and Permissions for the relevant Account Id

PUT permissions/updaterolesandpermissions

This method will update the roles and permissions for the relevant account id

» Personalization

Endpoint Description
GET crosssells

Gets list of products by product id.

POST crosssellproducts

No documentation available.

DELETE crosssellproducts/{productId}/{relationTypeId}

Deletes an existing cross sell product.

GET frequentlyboughtproducts

No documentation available.

» Portals

Endpoint Description
GET portals/{portalId}

Gets a portal.

GET portals

Gets a list of portals.

GET portals/{portalIds}

Gets a list of portals for the specified portal IDs.

POST portals

Creates a new portal.

PUT portals/{portalId}

Updates an existing portal.

DELETE portals/{portalId}

Deletes an existing portal.

GET getfedexkey

Gets Fedex keys for a portal.

GET createmessages/{portalId}/{localeId}

Creates messages for the newly created portal.

GET copystore/{portalId}

Copies a store.

DELETE deleteportalbyportalid/{portalId}

Deletes a portal specified by Portal Id.

GET portalinformationbyportalid/{portalId}

No documentation available.

GET portalsbyprofileaccess

No documentation available.

» PortalProfile

Endpoint Description
GET portalprofiles/{portalProfileId}

Gets a Portal profiles.

GET portalprofiles

Gets a list of portal profiles.

POST portalprofile

Creates a new portal profile.

PUT updateportalprofile/{portalProfileId}

Updates an existing portalProfile.

DELETE portalprofile/{portalProfileId}

Deletes an existing portal profile.

GET portalprofilesdetails

No documentation available.

GET getportalprofilesbyportalid/{portalId}

No documentation available.

» PortalCatalogs

Endpoint Description
GET portalcatalogs/{portalCatalogId}

Gets a portal catalog.

GET portalcatalogs

Gets a list of portal catalogs.

POST portalcatalogs

Creates a new portal catalog.

PUT portalcatalogs/{portalCatalogId}

Updates an existing portal catalog.

DELETE portalcatalogs/{portalCatalogId}

Deletes an existing portal catalog.

GET portalcatalogsbyportalid/{portalId}

Gets list of PortalCatalogs according to Portal ID.

» PortalCountries

Endpoint Description
GET portalcountries/{portalCountryId}

Gets a portal country.

GET portalcountries

Gets a list of portal countries.

POST portalcountries

Creates a new portal country.

PUT portalcountries/{portalCountryId}

Updates an existing portal country.

DELETE portalcountries/{portalCountryId}

Deletes an existing portal country.

GET getallportalcountries

Znode Version 8.0 Get all Portal Countries

DELETE deleteportalcountryifnotassociated/{portalCountryId}

Znode Version 8.0 Deletes an existing portal country if it is not assciated with any addres.

GET createsportalcountries/{portalId}/{shipableCountryCodes}/{billableCountryCodes}

Znode Version 8.0 Creates a portal country if not exists.

» Products

Endpoint Description
GET products/{productId}

Gets a product.

GET products/getproductdetailsbyproductid/{productId}

To get product details by productId

GET products/{productId}/{skuId}

Gets a product with a selected SKU.

GET products

Gets a list of products.

GET products/catalog/{catalogId}

Gets a list of products for a specific catalog.

GET products/catalog/{catalogIds}

Gets a list of products for a specific catalog.

GET products/category/{categoryId}

Gets a list of products for a specific category.

GET products/category/{categoryId}/promotiontype/{promotionTypeId}

Gets a list of products for a specific category and promotion type.

GET products/externalids/{externalIds}

Gets a list of products for the specified external IDs.

GET products/homespecials

Gets a list of products designated as home page specials.

POST products/listbyproductids

No documentation available.

GET products/promotiontype/{promotionTypeId}

Gets a list of products for a specific promotion type.

POST products

Creates a new product.

PUT products/{productId}

Updates an existing product.

PUT products/updateproductsettings/{productId}

Updates an existing product.

PUT products/updateproductseoinformation/{productId}

No documentation available.

DELETE products/{productId}

Deletes an existing product.

GET products/isseourlexist/{productId}/{seoUrl}

No documentation available.

GET products/getproductcategorybyproductid

No documentation available.

GET products/getproductunassociatedcategorybyproductid/{productId}

No documentation available.

POST products/associateproductcategory

No documentation available.

POST products/unassociateproductcategory

No documentation available.

GET products/getallproducts

Gets all products.

GET products/getproductskudetails

To get Product Sku Details

GET products/associateskufacets/{skuId}/{associateFacetIds}/{unassociateFacetIds}

To Associate Sku Facets

DELETE products/deleteskuassociatedfacets/{skuId}/{facetGroupId}

To Delete Sku Associated Facets

GET products/getskuassociatedfacets/{productId}/{skuId}/{facetGroupId}

To Get Sku Associated Facets

GET products/getskufacets

To Get all the Sku Associated Facets.

GET searchproducts

No documentation available.

GET createorderproduct/{productId}

No documentation available.

GET copyproduct/{productId}

No documentation available.

DELETE products/deletesbyproductid/{productId}

No documentation available.

GET products/getskuproductlistbysku

No documentation available.

POST products/sendmail

No documentation available.

GET productbundles

No documentation available.

DELETE productbundles/{parentChildProductID}

Deletes an existing product bundle.

GET customproductlist

To Get Product List.

POST productbundles/associatebundleproduct

No documentation available.

GET productfacets

To Get all the Product Associated Facets.

GET productfacets/{productId}/{facetGroupId}

No documentation available.

PUT productfacets/{productId}

Bind the Associated facets to the product

DELETE productfacets/{productId}/{facetGroupId}

No documentation available.

GET productimagetypes

To Get all the Product Image Types.

GET productalternateimage/{productImageId}

Get the product image based on product image id.

GET productalternateimage

To Get all the Product alternate images.

POST productalternateimage

Creates a new product image.

PUT productalternateimage/{productImageId}

Updates an existing product image.

DELETE productalternateimage/{productImageId}

Deletes an existing product image.

GET producttags/{productId}

Gets the product tags based on product id.

POST producttags

Creates a new product tags.

PUT producttags/{tagId}

Updates an existing product tags.

DELETE producttags/{tagId}

Deletes an existing product tags.

DELETE removeproductaddon/{productAddOnId}

Removes specified mapping between product and addon.

POST associateaddon

Associate specified addons with current product.

GET productaddons/{productId}

Return associated addons for specified product id.

GET unassociatedaddons/{productId}/{portalId}

Return unassociated addons for specified product id.

DELETE removeproducthighlight/{productHighlightId}

Removes specified mapping between product and highlight.

POST associatehighlight

Associate specified highlights with current product.

GET producthighlights/{productId}

Return associated highlights for specified product id.

GET unassociatedhighlights/{productId}/{portalId}

Return unassociated highlights for specified product id.

GET producttiers/{productId}

Return product tiers for specified product id.

POST createproducttier

Creates a new product tier.

PUT updateproducttier

Updates specified product tier.

DELETE deleteproducttier/{productTierId}

Delete specified product tier.

GET digitalassets/{productId}

Return digital assets for specified product id.

POST createdigitalasset

Creates a mew Digital Asset.

DELETE deletedigitalasset/{digitalAssetId}

No documentation available.

PUT image

To update image path by id

» ProductAttributes

Endpoint Description
GET productattributes/{attributeId}

Gets an attribute .

GET productattributesbyattributetypeid

To get Attributes by AttributeTypeId

GET productattributes

Gets a list of attributes.

POST productattributes

Creates a new attributes.

PUT productattributes/{attributeId}

Updates an existing attributes.

DELETE productattributes/{attributeId}

No documentation available.

» ProductCategories

Endpoint Description
GET productcategories/{productCategoryId}

Gets a product category.

GET productcategories/{productId}/{categoryId}

Gets a product category on the basis of categoryId and productId

GET productcategories

Gets a list of product categories.

POST productcategories

Creates a new product category.

PUT productcategories/{productCategoryId}

Updates an existing product category.

DELETE productcategories/{productCategoryId}

Deletes an existing product category.

» ProductType

Endpoint Description
GET producttype/{productTypeId}

Gets a Product Type.

GET producttype

Gets a list of Product Type.

GET getproductattributesbyproducttypeid

No documentation available.

POST producttypes

Creates a new Product Type.

PUT producttype/{productTypeId}

Update an existing Product Type.

DELETE producttypes/{productTypeId}

Delete an existing Product Type.

» ProductTypeAttribute

Endpoint Description
POST producttypeattributs

Creates a new Product Type.

GET producttypeattribute/getattributetypesbyproducttypeid/{productTypeId}

Gets categories by catalog Id.

POST producttypeattribute/{productTypeId}

Get Existance of Products associated with Product Type.

DELETE producttypeattribute/{productTypeAttributId}

Delete an existing Product Type.

GET producttypeattribute

Gets a list of Product Type.

» ProductReviewState

Endpoint Description
GET productreviewstates

Gets a list of Product Review States.

» ProductSearchSetting

Endpoint Description
GET getproductlevelsetting

Get all product level settings

GET getcategorylevelsettings

Get all category level settings

GET getfieldlevelsettings

Get all field level settings

POST saveboostvalues

Save product search boost values.

» Profile

Endpoint Description
GET profiles/{profileId}

Gets the profile By ProfileId.

GET profiles

Gets a list of Profiles.

POST profiles

Creates a new profile.

PUT profiles/{profileId}

Updates an existing profile by profile Id.

DELETE profiles/{profileId}

Deletes an existing profile by profile Id.

GET profile/getprofilelist

Gets the profile list.

GET getprofilelistbyid/{portalId}

Znode Version 8.0 Gets the profile list.

GET customerprofiles/{accountId}

Get Customer Account List.

GET customernotassociatedprofiles

No documentation available.

GET getprofilelistbyportalid/{portalId}

Znode Version 8.0 Gets the profile list.

POST GetAvailableProfileListBySkuIdCategoryId

No documentation available.

GET profiles/getznodeprofile

No documentation available.

POST getprofilesassociatedwithusers

No documentation available.

» ProfileCommon

Endpoint Description
POST profilecommon/getprofilestoreaccess

No documentation available.

» Promotions

Endpoint Description
GET promotions/{promotionId}

Gets a promotion.

GET promotions

Gets a list of promotions.

POST promotions

Creates a new promotion.

PUT promotions/{promotionId}

Updates an existing promotion.

DELETE promotions/{promotionId}

Deletes an existing promotion.

GET getproductslist

Get the list of products

» PromotionTypes

Endpoint Description
GET promotiontypes/{promotionTypeId}

Gets a promotion type.

GET promotiontypes

Gets a list of promotion types.

POST promotiontypes

Creates a new promotion type.

PUT promotiontypes/{promotionTypeId}

Updates an existing promotion type.

DELETE promotiontypes/{promotionTypeId}

Deletes an existing promotion type.

GET getallpromotiontypesnotindatabase

Get All Promotion Types not in database

GET getfranchisepromotiontypes

No documentation available.

» LoadPlugins

Endpoint Description
GET loadplugins

No documentation available.

» Reviews

Endpoint Description
GET reviews/{reviewId}

Gets a review.

GET reviews

Gets a list of reviews.

POST reviews

Creates a new review.

PUT reviews/{reviewId}

Updates an existing review.

DELETE reviews/{reviewId}

Deletes an existing review.

» ReasonForReturn

Endpoint Description
GET reasonforreturn/{reasonForReturnId}

Gets the ReasonForReturn By reasonForReturnId.

GET reasonforreturn

Gets the ReasonForReturn list.

POST reasonforreturn

Creates new ReasonForReturn

PUT reasonforreturn/{reasonForReturnId}

Updates an existing ReasonForReturn by reasonForReturn Id.

DELETE reasonforreturn/{reasonForReturnId}

Deletes an existing ReasonForReturn.

» RejectionMessage

Endpoint Description
GET rejectionmessage/{rejectionMessageId}

Gets a Rejection Message.

GET rejectionmessage

List of REjection message.

POST rejectionmessage

Creates a new Rejection Message.

PUT rejectionmessage/{rejectionMessageId}

Updates an existing rejection message.

DELETE rejectionmessage/{rejectionMessageId}

Deletes an existing rejection message.

» RMAConfigurations

Endpoint Description
GET rmaconfigurations/{rmaConfigId}

Gets the profile By ProfileId.

GET rmaconfigurations

Get List of all RMAConfigurations

GET allrmaconfigurations

No documentation available.

POST rmaconfigurations

Creates a new RMAConfiguration.

PUT rmaconfigurations/{rmaConfigId}

Updates an existing RMAConfiguration by rmaConfigId Id.

» RMARequest

Endpoint Description
GET rmarequests

Gets a list of RMA requests.

PUT rmarequestupdate/{rmaRequestId}

Updates an existing RMA Request.

GET rmarequest/{rmaRequestId}

Gets RMA request.

DELETE deletermarequest/{rmaRequestId}

Deletes an existing RMA request.

GET rmarequestgiftcarddetails/{rmaRequestId}

Gets RMA Request Gift card details.

POST creatermarequest

Creates a new RMA Request.

GET getorderrmaflag/{orderId}

No documentation available.

GET sendstatusmail/{rmaRequestId}

No documentation available.

POST sendgiftcardmail

No documentation available.

» RMARequestItem

Endpoint Description
GET rmarequestitems

No documentation available.

GET rmarequestitem/{orderLineItems}

Gets a list of RMA item.

POST rmarequestitem

Creates a new RMA Request Item.

» MyReports

Endpoint Description
GET myreports/{reportName}

No documentation available.

GET myreports/{orderId}/{reportName}

No documentation available.

» RequestStatus

Endpoint Description
GET requeststatus/{requestStatusId}

Get the RequestStatus By requestStatusId.

GET requeststatuslist

Gets a list of Request status.

POST requeststatus

Creates new RequestStatus

PUT requeststatus/{requestStatusId}

Updates an existing RequestStatus by requestStatus Id.

DELETE requeststatus/{requestStatusId}

Deletes an existing RequestStatus.

» RotateKeys

Endpoint Description
GET generaterotatekey

Creates a new category.

Endpoint Description
POST search/keyword

Performs keyword search.

POST search/suggested

Performs suggested search, to be used for type-ahead search.

POST search/reloadindex

Reloads the search index.

GET search/seourl/{seoUrl}

No documentation available.

GET search/isrestrictedseourl/{seoUrl}

No documentation available.

» ShippingOptions

Endpoint Description
GET shippingoptions/{shippingOptionId}

Gets a shipping option.

GET shippingoptions

Gets a list of shipping options.

POST shippingoptions

Creates a new shipping option.

PUT shippingoptions/{shippingOptionId}

Updates an existing shipping option.

DELETE shippingoptions/{shippingOptionId}

Deletes an existing shipping option.

GET getfranchiseshippingoptionlist

No documentation available.

GET getcustomshippingoptions

No documentation available.

» ShippingRules

Endpoint Description
GET shippingrules/{shippingRuleId}

Gets a shipping rule.

GET shippingrules

Gets a list of shipping rules.

POST shippingrules

Creates a new shipping rule.

PUT shippingrules/{shippingRuleId}

Updates an existing shipping rule.

DELETE shippingrules/{shippingRuleId}

Deletes an existing shipping rule.

» ShippingRuleTypes

Endpoint Description
GET shippingruletypes/{shippingRuleTypeId}

Gets a shipping rule type.

GET shippingruletypes

Gets a list of shipping rule types.

POST shippingruletypes

Creates a new shipping rule type.

PUT shippingruletypes/{shippingRuleTypeId}

Updates an existing shipping rule type.

DELETE shippingruletypes/{shippingRuleTypeId}

Deletes an existing shipping rule type.

» ShippingServiceCodes

Endpoint Description
GET shippingservicecodes/{shippingServiceCodeId}

Gets a shipping service code.

GET shippingservicecodes

Gets a list of shipping service codes.

POST shippingservicecodes

Creates a new shipping service code.

PUT shippingservicecodes/{shippingServiceCodeId}

Updates an existing shipping service code.

DELETE shippingservicecodes/{shippingServiceCodeId}

Deletes an existing shipping service code.

» ShippingTypes

Endpoint Description
GET shippingtypes/{shippingTypeId}

Gets a shipping type.

GET shippingtypes

Gets a list of shipping types.

POST shippingtypes

Creates a new shipping type.

PUT shippingtypes/{shippingTypeId}

Updates an existing shipping type.

DELETE shippingtypes/{shippingTypeId}

Deletes an existing shipping type.

GET getallshippingtypesnotindatabase

Get All Shipping Types not in database

» ShoppingCarts

Endpoint Description
GET shoppingcarts/account/{accountId}

Gets a shopping cart for an account.

GET shoppingcarts/cookie/{cookieId}

Gets a shopping cart for a cookie.

POST shoppingcarts

Creates a new shopping cart and saves it to the database.

POST shoppingcarts/calculate

Performs calculations for a shopping cart.

» Skus

Endpoint Description
GET skus/{skuId}

Gets a SKU.

GET skus

Gets a list of SKUs.

POST skus

Creates a new SKU.

PUT skus/{skuId}

Updates an existing SKU.

DELETE skus/{skuId}

Deletes an existing SKU.

POST skus/addskuattribute/{skuId}/{attributeIds}

Mapping Sku Attributes

GET getskulistbyproductid/{productId}

Get the list of Sku

» SkuProfileEffective

Endpoint Description
GET skuprofileeffective/{skuProfileEffectiveId}

Get the Sku Profile Effective.

GET skuprofileeffective

Get the list ofget sku profile effective.

POST skuprofileeffective

Create the Sku Profile Effective .

PUT skuprofileeffective/{skuProfileEffectiveId}

Update the existing sku profile Effective.

DELETE skuprofileeffective/{skuProfileEffectiveId}

Delete existing sku profile effective.

GET skuprofileeffective/getskuprofileeffectivebyskuid/{skuId}

Get Sku Profile Effective list By SkuId

» States

Endpoint Description
GET states/{stateCode}

Gets a state.

GET states

Gets a list of states.

POST states

Creates a new state.

PUT states/{stateCode}

Updates an existing state.

DELETE states/{stateCode}

Deletes an existing state.

» StoreLocator

Endpoint Description
GET storelocators

Gets a list of manufacturers.

GET storelocators/{storeId}

Gets a Store Locator.

POST storelocator

Creates a new store locator.

PUT storelocator/{storeId}

Updates an existing highlight.

DELETE storelocator/{storeId}

Deletes an existing manufacturer.

POST storelocators

No documentation available.

» Suppliers

Endpoint Description
GET suppliers/{supplierId}

Gets a supplier.

GET suppliers

Gets a list of suppliers.

POST suppliers

Creates a new supplier.

PUT suppliers/{supplierId}

Updates an existing supplier.

DELETE suppliers/delete/{supplierId}

Deletes an existing supplier.

» SupplierTypes

Endpoint Description
GET suppliertypes/{supplierTypeId}

Gets a supplier type.

GET suppliertypes

Gets a list of supplier types.

POST suppliertypes

Creates a new supplier type.

PUT suppliertypes/{supplierTypeId}

Updates an existing supplier type.

DELETE suppliertypes/{supplierTypeId}

Deletes an existing supplier type.

GET getallsuppliertypesnotindatabase

Get All Supplier Types not in database

» TaxClasses

Endpoint Description
GET taxclasses/{taxClassId}

Gets a tax class.

GET taxclasses

Gets a list of tax classes.

GET taxclasses/getactivetaxclassbyportalid/{portalId}

This function used to Get all active countries for portalId.

POST taxclasses

Creates a new tax class.

PUT taxclasses/{taxClassId}

Updates an existing tax class.

DELETE taxclasses/{taxClassId}

Deletes an existing tax class.

GET taxclassdetails

Gets Tax Class Details

GET taxclasslist

No documentation available.

» TaxRules

Endpoint Description
GET taxrules/{taxRuleId}

Gets a tax rule.

GET taxrules

Gets a list of tax rules.

POST taxrules

Creates a new tax rule.

PUT taxrules/{taxRuleId}

Updates an existing tax rule.

DELETE taxrules/{taxRuleId}

Deletes an existing tax rule.

» TaxRuleTypes

Endpoint Description
GET taxruletypes/{taxRuleTypeId}

Gets a tax rule type.

GET taxruletypes

Gets a list of tax rule types.

POST taxruletypes

Creates a new tax rule type.

PUT taxruletypes/{taxRuleTypeId}

Updates an existing tax rule type.

DELETE taxruletypes/{taxRuleTypeId}

Deletes an existing tax rule type.

GET getalltaxruletypesnotindatabase

Get All Tax Rule Types not in database

» Theme

Endpoint Description
GET themes/{themeId}

No documentation available.

GET themes

Gets the list of Themes.

POST themes

No documentation available.

PUT themes/{themeId}

No documentation available.

DELETE themes/{themeId}

No documentation available.

» UrlRedirects

Endpoint Description
GET urlredirects/{urlRedirectId}

Gets a Url Redirect.

GET urlredirects

Gets a list of Url Redirects.

POST urlredirects

Creates a new Url Redirect.

PUT urlredirects/{urlRedirectId}

Updates an existing Url Redirect.

DELETE urlredirects/{urlRedirectId}

Delete an existing Url Redirect.

» VendorAccounts

Endpoint Description
GET vendoraccounts

To Get vendor account List.

GET vendoraccount/getvendoraccountbyid/{accountId}

No documentation available.

» VendorProducts

Endpoint Description
GET vendorproducts

To Get vendor product List.

POST vendorproducts/changeproductstatus/{state}

To Change Vendor Product Status.

GET vendorproducts/bindrejectproduct/{productIds}

To Get Vendor Product Rejected Product Details.

GET vendorproducts/reviewimagelist

To Get vendor product Image List.

GET vendorproducts/updateproductimagestatus/{productIds}/{state}

To Change Vendor Product images Status.

PUT vendorproducts/{productId}

Updates an existing product.

PUT vendorproducts/updatemarketingdetails/{productId}

Updates an existing product Marketing details.

GET vendorproducts/getcategorynode/{productId}

To Get the Product Caterogy Nodes based on Product Id.

DELETE vendorproducts/{productId}

To Delete the product details based on productId.

GET malladminproducts

No documentation available.

» ProductReviewHistory

Endpoint Description
GET productshistory

To Get Product Review history List.

GET productshistory/{productReviewHistoryID}

Get a Producct review history details.

» WishLists

Endpoint Description
GET wishlists/{wishListId}

Get a wishlist.

GET wishlists

Gets a list of wishlists.

POST wishlists

Creates a wishlist.

PUT wishlists/{wishListId}

Updates an existing wishlist.

DELETE wishlists/{wishListId}

Deletes existing wishlist.

» ZipCodes

Endpoint Description
GET zipcodes

Gets a list of zip codes.