GET messageconfigs/keys/{keys}

Gets a list of message configs for the specified keys.

Request Information

» Parameters

Name Description Additional information
keys The comma-seperated keys of the message configs.

Define this parameter in the request URI.

» Expands

Name Description Usage
messageType This will retrieve the related message type. GET messageconfigs/keys/{keys}?expand=messagetype

» Filters

Name Description Usage
Key This will filter the request by the Message config Key. GET messageconfigs/keys/{keys}?filter=key~{operator}~{value}
localeId This will filter the request by locale ID. GET messageconfigs/keys/{keys}?filter=localeid~{operator}~{value}
portalId This will filter the request by portal ID. GET messageconfigs/keys/{keys}?filter=portalid~{operator}~{value}

» Paging

Name Description Usage
index The index to retrieve when requesting paged results. GET messageconfigs/keys/{keys}?page=index~{value}
size The size of the page when retrieving paged results. GET messageconfigs/keys/{keys}?page=size~{value}

Response Information

» Response Body Formats

If this endpoint supports expands, they will be included in the sample response body below. However, please note that expands are NOT included in the response body by default. Expands are only included in the response body if they came through as part of the request.

  "MessageConfigs": [
      "Description": "",
      "Key": "CurrentStoreSpecial",
      "LocaleId": 43,
      "MessageConfigId": 1,
      "MessageType": {
        "DisplayOrder": 1,
        "IsActive": true,
        "MessageTypeId": 1,
        "Name": "Message Block"
      "MessageTypeId": 1,
      "PageSeoName": "",
      "PortalId": 1,
      "Value": "Current Store Special",
      "PortalName": null,
      "CustomErrorMessage": null
  "PageIndex": null,
  "PageSize": null,
  "TotalPages": null,
  "TotalResults": null,
  "ErrorCode": null,
  "ErrorMessage": null,
  "HasError": false